Why the PayPal and other low end fund-raising links?

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I have been asked (and taken to task several times) about the PayPal and other low end fund-raising links on the site. I mean really, do you really expect to raise $500 million USD via PayPal or by selling shoes and books?

No, Of course not.

Then, why have the links there?

Go back to one of OpenLuna's core purposes. Community building. We are trying to raise awareness and build community. We are also trying to give people ownership in the mission. After all, it's Your Moon so, it ought to be Your Mission. Therefore, you ought to Get involved! (Hence our Science Team Leader's brilliant line "Your Moon, Your Mission, Get Involved!") For many people, the only way to do that is with cash. Afterall, very few things say "You are valuable in my life." like cash or time. So, by having the donation button, we are giving them the opportunity to say "This mission matters to me in such a significant way, that I am going to donate some of my very hard earned cash to it." This will also be useful to show future sponsors and heavier donors what a large public interest there is in the mission.

OK, I get that, but why the sales links?

Well, two reasons. Frankly, Some people, (Students or others on very fixed incomes for examples)  can't afford to even donate a few bucks, but they still need to buy stuff. By buying the things through these links, they are able to send us some cash, with no cost to themselves. Which is also the second reason. I also buy books, (Yes, I do actually have time to read, even if they are split between Sci-fi, space text books, and some religious texts) so, why shouldn't I buy my books and music, and other such stuff in a way that also gives OL some money? I can't see why not.

It's only a few bucks, but, that's the power of community, and the power of multiplication. If I do it, and you do it, and a couple million other people do it, say $10 a year to OL, (that works ouf to be betwoon $500 and $1400 in spending, depending on what you get) now we are talking some real money.

it's all in the Comminuty, and isn't that what it's really about?


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