October News

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Recent news:
We have a new home for the website at CiviHosting so we will be better able to operate, including updates and auto renewal notices. 
Paul Graham presented us at several conferences, sorry I can't keep up to all of them, including ISDC, newspace and DragonCon this year and is already on the schedule for ISDC (International Space Development Conference) next year in May.
Welcome to Alexandra Kemp our Media and PR coordinator, also attending many of the conferences.  She has also helped organize an even called "SpaceUP" happening in Atlanta, Georgia Oct. 6, i.e. now, where Paul is speaking as well.  This unconference is sponsored in part by the OpenLuna Foundation.
Welcome also to Project Director Nick Mosher dividing some of Paul's work on the OL projects so he is able to do more of the promotional work that He and Alex are busy with.
Our Launch the Launch campaign is ongoing please come and join the adventure.  Click here to send your message to the world as the satellite flys overhead.
You may find these in the future coming from any of us perhaps sporadically on a weekly to monthly basis. 

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