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As I await my flight home after the  NewSpace 2013 Conference, I remember that not everyone realizes the size and scope and, most importantly, the momentum of the new space industry. So while my sense of the conference was good, I am hard pressed to report specifics because the overall message was that the industry and its participants, companies and individuals is going strong and on track.  The industry is so much more than Spacex, Virgin, the GLXP and exotic proposals to Mars.  It was 6 years ago when I realized the full extent of this industry as new projects and companies were sprouting like weeds. While I was looking at still a small number of visible components, I projected how much was not visible.  So what I saw this weeks was what I knew existed 6 years ago, and I am still only looking at the tip if the iceberg. 
The new space industry is about building an infrastructure for a space fairing civilization not for any one mission so it looks different than the heritage space program where missions were announced and completed.  The industry is in that exponential growth phase that industries do and when it breaks out of the background you will (except you read this blog post) wonder where it came from.  The OpenLuna Foundation has just passed its 4th anniversary. I am seeing  growing recognition of our brand and knowledge of what we are doing even over the course if my attendance at three conferences this year.  At the Space Expo I recruited a veteran marketing director, Bruce Richardson and I met with him a month ago.  I am ecstatic to have him on our team and look forward to OpenLuna surging forward in the coming months. 

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